One day in Telde


We recommend you start your day with a healthy breakfast in some of the cafeterias in the boisterous San Gregorio neighbourhood, before taking a leisurely stroll through its streets.

It’s vital to visit the church to admire the numerous altarpieces and the works of art by the Canarian artist, Luján Pérez. After having visited this charming neighbourhood, we can then enjoy its many traditional croft shops offering excellent service.

After this, we can carry on our tour by visiting the San Juan neighbourhood; today the administrative centre of the region. This neighbourhood is full of old noble houses which makes this a fascinating walk as we admire its architecture and old buildings combining the “mudéjar” with the rest of its many other architectural styles. We recommend that you spend some time at the “Alameda y la Iglesia de San Juan” (The Saint John Church and Boulevard), where we can contemplate a wide range of artwork.


Iglesia de San Gregorio San Gregorio San Gregorio

Another compulsory visit is to the Casa Museum (León and Castillo Museum), which also reveals history of the Archipelago. Before leaving this neighbourhood, we suggest that you take a break at the Ricón Plácido Fleitas (The Plácido Fleitas Corner) which is a popular meeting point for both neighbours and visitor.


Basílica de San Juan Bautista San Juan Museo León y Castillo

The last part of the morning’s tour route bakes us to the historical and artistic San Francisco neighbourhood, where we can stroll along its cobbled streets next to the aqueduct until reaching are of the Canary Islands oldest areas. Time seems to have stood still here as we admire the San Francisco Church which houses many Baroque style art pieces as well as many other treasures and artworks.


San Francísco San Francísco San Francísco

Before an afternoon full of interesting visits and contemplating archaeological remains, we need to replenish our energy by stopping at are of the coastal restaurants in Telde or one of its inland restaurants. We can choose between traditional home made Canarian cooking or fish and seafood.

We plan a route along the archaeological sites which we recommend in the archaeological guide-Cuatro Puertas (4 doors) near Telde.Tara inland, Cendro and Tufia on the coast. Whichever site we decide to visit, the old Aborigine secrets from Gran Canaria’s past will be revealed to us, as Telde is rich in aboriginal sites and attracts both visitors and residents alike.


Yacimiento de Tufia Yacimiento de cuatro puertas Cendro

To end this wonderful day, we recommend admiring the sunset from the coast. Take a stroll along are of Telde’s many coastal avenues or simply enjoy the seaview from the Bufadero de La Garita.