Gastronomy, wines, cheeses and cakes

In Telde, due to its vast area stretching from the coast inland to the mountains, can offer a wide range of products which can be sampled and enjoyed in the numerous bars and restaurants in this city. Try the delicious dishes from the land and sea, traditional Canarian dishes such as, sancocho, suckling pig, small Canarian potatoes, roast leg of pork, gofio, watercress stew, fish soup and also wild game such as rabbit accompanied by rich and delicious Canarian wines and cheeses from la Breña and Cazadores areas.


Gastronomy, wines, cheeses and cakes

Gastronomy, wines, cheeses and cakes Gastronomy, wines, cheeses and cakes

Also our cakes and puddings, typical of the Canarian islands are particularly delicious. Telde is also home to international and modern kitchens.

Traditionally an agricultural and cattle market town, Telde has known how to conserve generations of cooking and traditions from its rich culture, passed down from generation to generation.



Gofio is a light flour, ground from corn, which is often made into cakes and eaten both toasted and untoasted.


Local Cheeses

The cheeses from the Telde region are generally goats cheese or a mixture of goat and sheep cheese. They are both cured and semi-cured cheeses.


The Wine

The wines with the “Denomination of Origin”, Gran Canaria. The white wines are fruity and the red wines are cherry coloured and have a fruity aroma, are full bodied and well balanced.



In Telde, the most popular cakes are known as “Trucha de Batata and Cabello de Angel”. Telde is also famous for its meat pies and almond marzipan cakes, all of which are made in the traditional manner. Telde also has international restaurants and fast food joints co-existing side by side.

Telde , a typically agricultural and farming city, has known how to hold onto its rich traditions, tastes and smells from many generations before.


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